Check Pagerank Tool by EyeDomain - FAQ

Data Set FAQ

How many domains with PR do you have in the data set?

We provide you data about 486M domain names. There are 137лю domains with PageRank between 0 and 9 in the set and the rest don't have any (N/A).

Can you provide PageRank Data about a host or url?

No. We can show you only Google PR for the homepage of each domain.

Is this the actual domains' Google PageRank?

The set of data that we provide is collected after the last Google PageRank Update on December 6th 2013 so it's the last known PR of these domains.

Do you have other data and statistics about these domains?

Yes, of course. We're collecting various data about the domains - just ask us. We have one of the largest databases of domain names and websites with about 625M domains and growing.

Can you make a custom research?

Send us what data you need and we'll answer you in 48h if we are able to do what you want.

Can I buy the whole data or parts of it?

We don't sell the whole data but we can offer you some useful chunk of it. For example: all domains with PR8

How to use the PageRank Checker:

How can I search? How to enter the website to find its PR?

The best way is to enter only the domain name. Anyway you can enter a url or host and we'll try to find the domain in it.

Can I search Google PageRank for IDNs?

Yes, but you have to enter them in punycode.

Do I have some requests' limits?

Yes, you have daily limits of requests. It depends on different factors and could be between 40 and 200 requests.

Can you raise my limits?

Yes. Just contact us.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we can provide you data in CSV, JSON and XML.

Can I make bulk PageRank checks?

It's possible - please, contact us.